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How do I register or access my utility account?

Select “Login” at the lower right-hand corner.  If you have already registered, you can enter your user name and password to proceed.  Otherwise, select “Register” and complete the requested information.  After you submit your registration information, you will be emailed a verification code to finalize your account access.  Please carefully review your customer and account number on your utility bill.  All digits of the customer and account number including any leading zeros are required for registration.

How do I view multiple accounts?

If you have multiple account numbers associated with the same customer number, you may view associated account numbers by selecting “List Accounts” under Main.  The associated accounts numbers should be automatically listed and you can view another account by selecting it under the “Account #” column.  If you have multiple account numbers that are associated with customer numbers that are not the same, you will need to register each customer and account combination separately.  There is no limitation on the number of customer and accounts that may be registered.

How do I view my outstanding account balance?


Select “List Accounts” and the outstanding account balance is displayed. 

How do I make a payment online?


Select “Make a Payment” from the menu selection under Online Services.  The City of Rocky Mount uses a secure third party payment provider, Paymentus.  You will be redirected to their site where you can make a payment by credit card, debit card, or electronic check.  There is no charge for this service.  You may also pay over the telephone by calling toll free 1-866-288-7608. If you have problems making a payment using the online or toll free phone payment services, please call 1-800-420-1663.  A service representative is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist you. Please call Rocky Mount Customer Service at 252-972-1250 for all other inquiries about using online services.

Once you select your payment method and click the submit button, you will be directed to a 3rd party site in order to complete your payment. Be sure to click the OK on the message notifying you that you are being redirected. If you still don't see another window with your payment options, your pop-up blocker may not be allowing the payment site to open. Adjust the settings on your web browser's pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from Rocky Mount Public Utilities, as follows:

  • Internet Explorer: Right click on the Pop-up blocked bar and select "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site".

  • Safari: Open the Settings menu, then uncheck "Block Pop-Up Windows".

  • Firefox: Click Tools - Options, then on the Content tab uncheck "Block pop-up windows".


How do I confirm my pending online payment?


You may confirm your pending online payment by selecting “List Accounts” where the pending payment(s) is displayed under “Pending Web Payment”.  Pending payments are also listed under “Make a Payment”.  Your last electronic payment is displayed in red above the “payment method” selection.  Only online payments are listed.   Payments made by other methods such as by mail or paid at a city facility are not listed in this area.  Refer to “Transaction History” for those payments.  Pending payments are also displayed in “Transaction History”.   Your pending payment should post to your account within 48 hours or the next available business day.  Refer to “How do I confirm my posted payment” sections for more options to confirm payments.

How do I confirm my posted payment?


You may confirm your posted payments by selecting “Service Information”   Your last posted payment amount and posting date are displayed.  Pending payments are best viewed under the “List Accounts” option.  Pending payments will post within 48 hours or the next available business day.  You may also view your posted payments by selecting “Transaction History” under Account Options.

If my account is past due, will a partial payment prevent disconnection of my utility services?


If your account includes a past due balance, making partial payments may not prevent disconnection of your utility services.  Your partial payment is acceptable if you have previously contacted the business office and have a payment arrangement, and you are paying in accordance with the terms of the pay arrangement.  Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 252-972-1250 for further information.

How can I get a copy of my bill?


Select “Billing History” from the menu selection under Online Services.  Your web bill is available for bills created after you have registered your online account.  You may contact our office at 252-972-1250 for a copy of your bills prior to your registration date. 

How can I see my previous bills?


Select “Billing History” from the menu selection under Online Services.  You may view utility bills created after the date that you registered your online account.  You may view your past consumption history by selecting “Usage History” and billing and payment history by selecting “Transaction History”.

How can I receive my utility bill electronically?

When you register your account, select the option to receive ebills.  You may also select “Change Profile” and select to receive ebills under the “Manage Profile” option.

Why do multiple bill lines display in transaction history?

The current billing system was installed in December 2010.  Data prior to that date was converted from a prior system.  The converted data is displayed by actual transaction date.  For billing purposes, you would have received a single bill which represents combined multiple converted bill transaction dates that are within a few days of each other.  We regret that this converted data could not be combined; however, your recent bills after the conversion date are combined.

How can I review the consumption history on my account?

Select “Usage History” under “Account Options”.  You may view historical usage by calendar year for each active service on your account.  Please note that usage is combined if you have multiple meters for a single service (i.e. multiple meters for electric, multiple meters for gas, or multiple meters for water service).  You may compare your usage history by selecting a service type in the first available selection area.  The data is the historical usage for your account only.  You may compare your usage history with customers in your local area by selecting options under the “Consumption Comparison” area.  You have two options: compare to others on your street or compare to others in your surrounding area.  The surrounding area includes customers that are in your same local area reading route – nearby streets.  The data compares residential to residential class customers and commercial to commercial class customers.